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Super size Western dinner

We have a menu tailored to all customers.
  • Dinner ~ Dinner ~

    Western-style full-course meal is taste and super size.
    There are also repeaters who come to enjoy their meals the most!
    In a clean and spacious dining room
    The friendly staff will be happy to assist you.
    • W main Western food full course

      Supper menu

      soup/salad/fish dishes/Meat dish/rice/Dessert
      Period available:
  • Breakfast ~ Breakfast ~

    In the morning, you will be greeted with hot coffee and Hokka Hokka bread.
    Let's have a good breakfast and continue to enjoy the trip to Izu
    • American breakfast

      Breakfast menu

      Soup / Salad / Egg dish / Sausage or ham or bacon / Yogurt (one plate) / Bread


      100% juice(Orange apple fruit vegetables)/milk/coffee/English tea(Free refills and types may change)
      Period available:
  • How about fresh seafood "Funemori"?

    If you want to taste fresh seafood on your trip to Izu,
    We will prepare a boat of local fish according to your wishes.(Please contact us in advance.)
    The secret of its popularity is that you can enjoy lively seafood according to your budget!
    Please select seasonal local fish and enjoy fresh and delicious sashimi.
    • Boat prime*Bespoke


      Please ask in advance such as when making a reservation
      From 4,400 yen (tax included)
  • Drinks ~ Drinkmenu ~

    Alcohol and soft drinks are served at dinner.

    Beer / wine / shochu etc.
    ◆Soft drinks
    Izu Cider / 100% juice / cola etc.
    *Some items may not be available depending on the arrival status.Please understand.