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Question list

  • 【Q】Can I use Wi-Fi?

    【A】You can use it in this facility.
    Please enter your password to use it.
    *The password is displayed in the guest room, front desk, etc.
    *ItContinue reading
  • 【Q】What is the check-in time?

    【A】Check-in time is from 15:00 pm.
    plan, it will be from pm 16:00.
  • 【Q】Checkout time is?

    【A】Check-out time is 10:00 am.
  • 【Q】What is your room like?

    【A】The room for 2 people will be a twin type.
    Rooms for 3 to 4 people will be lofted.
    Rooms for 5 to 8 people are large rooms with lofts.
    ThContinue reading
  • 【Q】I'm going by train, can you pick me up?

    【A】For 2 hours from pm 15:00 to pm 17:00, you can call us from Izu-Kogen Station or Izu Plateau
    Please contact the reception desk between amContinue reading
  • 【Q】What is the time for dinner and breakfast?

    【A】Supper time is from 18:30 pm.
    Breakfast time is 8:15 am.
    Please understand that dinner may not be available if you arrive after 19:00 pm.
  • 【Q】What is the content of the dinner?

    【A】The contents of the dinner will be Western dishes such as soup, salad, fish dishes, meat dishes, rice and dessert.
  • 【Q】What is breakfast?

    【A】Breakfast includes coffee or tea, 100% orange, apple juice, milk, salad, egg dishes, ham or wiener, fruit, yogurt, and bread.
  • 【Q】What is your child's cooking?

    【A】Supper will be kids meal style.
    Breakfast will be the same as an adult.(The amount will be less than adults)
  • 【Q】Do you have any additional dishes for dinner?

    【A】Additional dishes include a boat serving of local fish and an all-you-can-eat cake after dinner.
    Local fish boats are available from 4,40Continue reading
  • 【Q】By when should I order additional dishes?

    【A】Local fish boats are served up to 5 days before your stay.
    All-you-can-eat cake is until 16:00 pm, 3 days before your stay.
    Please call uContinue reading
  • 【Q】What kind of drink can I order for dinner?

    【A】Soft drinks include coffee (ice / hot), black tea (ice / hot), cafe ole (ice / hot), orange juice, apple juice, grape juice, grapefruit jContinue reading
  • 【Q】What kind of play facilities are there on the premises?

    【A】Tennis courts (1), table tennis (2), air hockey (1), and online karaoke are available on the premises.
    Air hockey costs 100 yen each timeContinue reading
  • 【Q】How can I use the tennis court?

    【A】Since it is one side, it is a reservation system.
    If you have a fixed time, I think it is better to make a reservation as soon as possiblContinue reading
  • 【Q】Do you have games in your room?

    【A】We have a nostalgic Super Nintendo Entertainment System and SP2.
    Super Nintendo Entertainment System software, PS2 main unit and softwareContinue reading
  • 【Q】Tell me about the bath

    【A】We have two baths with natural hot springs, an indoor bath and an open-air bath.
    It is not separated by gender, so you can take a bath wiContinue reading

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